Why Tocotrienols ?

  • Antioxidants, especially Tocotrienol protect all your cells from inflammation especially chronic inflammation which may lead to cancer.
  • Angiogenesis or formation of blood vessels in cancer cells promotes cancer cell to a very great extent. Tocotrienol is a master of anti-angiogenesis.
  • Apoptosis or programmed cell death is the process of elimination and death of cancer cells. Tocotrienol induces apoptosis in cancer cells by increasing endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy thus helping in killing cancer cells.
  • Cell Proliferation is the process by which cancer cells copy their DNA and divide into two cancer cells during mitosis and rapidly multiply into more cancer cells. According to several kinds of research, it has been proven that alpha, gamma, and delta Tocotrienols suppress the proliferation of cancer cells.
  • Chemoprevention and anti-cancer activities are some characteristic qualities of Tocotrienol.
  • Chemosensitization is the combination of Tocotrienol with several chemotherapeutic drugs such as celecoxib, statins or dietary components such as curcumin, polyphenols, etc. effectively sensitize the cancer cells.
  • Stem cells of the remaining 1% cancer cells which are never affected by chemotherapy and radiation and are travelling throughout the body which is also the main reason of reoccurrence of cancer even after those conventional treatments, has shown to be eliminated by Tocotrienol in the research.
  • Tumor nutrition can also be obstructed by Tocotrienol as they may well work on dual antitumor mechanisms that include the removal of the vital nutrient to tumor lifeline.
Other Studies Prove Tocotrienol better than Tocopherol… (Referance link)
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